Feb 17,2021

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Extra, Extra! We’ve got some big news to share.

Our friends over at GamesKeys have featured a few of our titles on their webpage, alongside some absolute blockbuster franchises. Blurp Games properties are listed right up there with Steam classics like Madden, Assassin’s Creed, and other top dogs.

Specifically, GamesKeys put us on their Top Games to Try Out on IOS Devices in January 2021 list, and we’re beside ourselves with excitement and appreciation. You can check out the full lineup on their list here.
So, what is GamesKeys? Good question. Guess we should probably mention that. They’re the GOAT, is what. Okay, but seriously, they’re a killer platform dedicated to bringing you the hottest games at the lowest prices. They source game keys from multiple licensed online sellers and list them on their site for you to purchase. So instead of searching the whole Internet looking for the best download deals, you can just check out GamesKeys.

In the gaming world, it’s all about community. Everyone from casual gamers to major developers understands that supporting each other through our love of games is what gives this scene the appeal that it has. And the peeps over at GamesKeys have really been showing the love lately.

Now, if you thought this post was just a featurette for our homies at GamesKeys…well, you’d mostly be right. But there’s something bigger at play here, too. Partnerships like these are important to Blurp Games’ success, and we appreciate everyone who supports our content. Getting listed on any site is a big deal, and it shows our fans just how much and how fast we’re growing.

Full steam ahead because this train ain’t slowing down any time soon. Thank you to our friends at GamesKeys for their partnership, and thank you, our subscribers, for enjoying our games. We’re stoked to be bringing you even more in the near future. Stay tuned!

by Blurp Games