Feb 4,2021

Valentine’s Day is either your favorite or most hated holiday. Often referred to by many as “National Singles Day”, this yearly tradition celebrates love or the lack thereof in all its many forms.

But know what? Relationships are overrated. Spend Valentine’s Day this year celebrating what really matters: Your insatiable thirst for high scores! That’s right, dudes and dudettes. This year, Blurp is helping to bring some of Cupid’s magic to your favorite titles.

Be sure to check out Egg Toss Boss leading up to February 14th. We’re giving it a date-night makeover with looks to kill. In addition to eggs, you’ll be tossing roses. Instead of a boring old welcome screen, you’ll be greeted by the biggest heart you’re probably ever going to see in your life. There’s so much more we want to share with you about our Valentine’s Day updates, but you’ll just have to download and play for yourself to see them all.

Egg Toss Boss is a downright addictive mobile game available from most marketplaces. It’s easy to download, easy to play, and a lot easier to deal with than making last-minute reservations for dinner at a restaurant that serves overpriced rabbit food.

This year show some love to the most important person in your life – you. Swipe left on that boring Tinder date and instead try your hand at Egg Toss Boss or any of the other exciting Blurp Games. We promise, you’re going see more action with these titles than you will with that fling you met at the bar.

Wade out of the shallow depths of the dating pool and dive deep into an amazing assortment of skills-based mobile games from Blurp!

Always remember: The best love is self-love. And there’s no better way to make sweet, sweet self-love than with your favorite video games.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Blurp Games