Hydro Chase
Hydro Chase

Slide, run, and dodge the lame park attendant as you challenge yourself to escape the water park as Player One in Hydro Chase, the newest game from Blurp Games.

It’s all about making a splash as you maneuver through different water slides and make a slick get away. Wild tricks abound and help you rack up points as you navigate the different slides, lazy rivers, and jungle gyms in the water park. If the park attendant manages to nab you you’ll lose your turn, and you can distinguish the park attendant from regular visitors by his obnoxious signature red buoy.

Player One can accrue points by grabbing some of the other treasure found in the multiple levels.

Ice cream cones, cotton candy, and coins are all worth valuable points but bottled water and sunscreen lotion are necessities for your survival.

Player One must stay hydrated by snagging water bottles throughout the levels and continually applying sunscreen. Water fountains will occasionally be found at some points in the levels so be sure to take a sip because if you become dehydrated you will come to a complete standstill giving that pesky park attendant the shot to apprehend you.

Be sure to check your player’s face too, as you start to get more and more sunburned your face will start getting red.

If your face turns the color of a tomato you’re cooked to a crisp and your run is over, and there’s nothing slick about that!

Creative slide moves, jumps, and flips build up your points and crafty evasive maneuvers allow you to escape capture, the power is in your hands! But remember you have to keep yourself moving by drinking water and applying sunscreen lotion before you are dehydrated or sunburned.


Flip, twist, and jump to earn points as you hurtle down three unique varieties of water slides.

A green opening gives you the go ahead to build speed and momentum in the fastest slides. Red entrances allow you to finesse and control your player in the slower slides. Blue slides access holes are dangerous and terminate with a dead end. An orange launch pad indicates a missing section which can cause a sudden fall out of the slide and the end of your game, so be sure to choose accordingly and rack up those points!

The short narrow slides with a straight drop are perfect for performing big jumps and huge airs to gain points, while a tube can help your player glide effortlessly down the slides with more twists and turns than a race car track. When flowing on a tube keep your eyes out for that aggravating park attendant because they can slow the tube down by sticking it with a dart.


Maintain your cool and keep up the flips and jumps so you are always gaining points while evading the park attendant.

When you find yourself in the lazy river or jungle gym areas you need to stay alert as there is a band of park attendants just waiting to get their hands on you. Slip, slide and bust out those evasive stunts to keep the park attendants frustrated and sustain your characters freedom.

Each level presents new, thrilling challenges and opportunities to get points and escape capture. The excitement only builds as you level up and slide your way to the top of the leaderboard, leaving your friends drifting in the spray of your tube, or worse captured by the park attendant.

See if you have what it takes to escape capture and survive sun, thirst, and constant pursuit in Hydro Chase!

Accrue points by grabbing treasure found in the multiple levels.
Slide through different water slides, lazy rivers, and jungle gyms
Creative slide moves, jumps, and flips build up your points.
Each level presents new, thrilling challenges and opportunities.
Available on App Store and Google Play