Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Egg Toss Boss free to download?

    Yes it is! All of our games are free to download - go for it!

  • What is your most popular game?

    Our most popular game to date is Egg Toss Boss but our team thinks Hydro Chase might take the #1 spot very soon!

  • Are your games available on gaming consoles like Playstation or Xbox?

    Our games are only available on mobile devices and tablets for now, but we are developing games for those gaming consoles in the near future! Stay plugged in our newsletter and emails for the latest updates and info!

  • Why are the in-game ads not working?

    We're aware that some players are not seeing any in-game video ads, or the ads are not providing the correct rewards. We're working to fix this as soon as possible.

  • How do I change my payment information on Apple?

    Your payment transactions are handled by the App Store which is associated with your device, so we don't store any payment information here at Blurp Games. If you have any problems changing your payment information, please access your App Store settings from your device or seek guidance from your associated App Store customer care team.

  • Can I purchase items in a game?

    Yes! You can purchase any in-app purchase items within the game you are playing. Just check out the shop section of the game and buy the items you are interested in.

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