Dec 9,2020

Sibling rivalries. A tale as old as time. But with COVID-19 social distancing limitations, it hasn’t exactly been easy to demolish the spirits of your younger brother or show your older sister who’s the boss. Even in the best of times, establishing in-person familial dominance as the head honcho of your gene pool can be tough.  

Yet that’s the beauty of 21st century gaming. Even when separated by distance, families can engage in healthy competition to re-establish the pecking order. Headlocks and yelling matches over a game of Monopoly that’s long overstayed its welcome are so last year. Going head-to-head virtually in a round of Time Out is what’s in vogue. 

Maybe soul-crushing competition isn’t your family’s thing? That’s okay. App gaming can form comradery and reaffirm the ties that bind, too. Whatever your flavor, app-based games provide connection when its lacking. Anywhere there’s Wi-Fi or cell signal, there’s a direct line to the ones you love. 

Blurp is a proud contributor to both in-fighting and bringing families closer together. With games like Egg Toss Boss and Hydro Chase, being apart has never felt so at home.  

So let’s recap. Why should you look to app-based games as a method of reconnecting with that uncle who can’t help but talk politics at holiday gatherings? Or the one cousin who only comes around once a year to try and sell you in on their pyramid scheme? Well, because in a lot of ways, the biggest perk to gaming is that it limits the focus of interactions to the game itself. The beauty in going 1 v. 1 with Aunt Judy in Strike 3 is in the app’s singular nature: to skip the small talk and emerge victorious.  

No matter the time and place, app-based gaming can connect us to what’s really important: our families. And even if it’s through an 8-bit sprite on a 5-inch screen, connection is what we need most right now. 


by Blurp Games