Feb 1,2020

Get up and assume the role of Player One, an egg catching spirit with a heart of sunny side up gold. Outwit the crafty chicken on a hot barn roof in an attempt to catch as many eggs as possible.

The goal is simple: stay one step ahead of the chicken on the barn with no clucks to give. Do not let the eggs hit the ground or the yolk is on you as each miss causes Player One to lose a turn. Stay on your toes and beware of hazards as the chicken on the barn roof tosses devilishly dastard poison eggs, stone-cold stones, and even bombastically explosive bombs to spoil your fun. Keep your eyes on the prize the chicken moves side to side deploying full evasive maneuvers.

Don’t go to shell and avoid a trip afterlife by collecting revitalizing life eggs. Become a real basket case by expanding your basket with powerful power-ups, thanks to the coveted grow egg. Keep your eyes peeled to increase your score by capturing as many of the elusive bonus eggs as possible.

Each level ramps up the speed and the difficulty pushing your abilities to their limits. Ignite the party for a fun Easter egg by making it to level five for a brief respite.

You will be eternally grateful thanks to an intermission involving a mystery cocky rooster and several of the chicken’s barnyard friends celebrating your achievements. We won’t spoil the surprise of animals in attendance, but we do think you’ll have a cow. Be prepared for level six to take the speed and difficulty to a whole another level.

  • Suitable for all ages;
  • Fun and Rewarding Gameplay;
  • Exciting levels and surprises in the game
by Blurp Games